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Power Loader lifting a deerPower Loader™ DF PL250.  The Power Loader is the quickest, safest, easiest way ever to load a deer onto an ATV. The Power Loader's lifting mechanism literally extends and lays flat on the ground, allowing the deer to be slid effortlessly into place.

The Power Loader™ fits most popular brands and models of 4 wheelers and operates with the use of factory or after-market winches. It places the deer or other load over the front wheels - maintaining stability and balance while the ATV is in motion. The Power Loader™ is constructed of aircraft aluminum and provides a whopping 250 lbs. load capacity yet it adds only 29 lbs. of weight to your ATV.

Its shipping carton size is 36" x 28" x 5-1/2" and can be shipped by UPS.

Moving a Deer from the field to your truck

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The Power Loader™ places the Deer or other heavy load over the front wheels of the ATV maintaining stability, balance, and driver control for the vehicle while in motion or standing still.  Raising and lowering the load is a snap with the aid of your power winch and remote controls. 

Constructed with aircraft aluminum frameThe Power Loader™ is constructed of aircraft aluminum and provides a whopping 250 lb. load capacity and adds only 29 lbs. of weight to your All Terrain Vehicle.

The Power Loader™ installs in minutes with the use of a common 7/16" wrench or socket set. When the Power Loader™ is not in use, it folds neatly over the front of the ATV and will serve as a cargo rack if needed. The main lifting section can be removed in about a minute with the included over sized wing nuts. The Power Loader™ frame is positioned high enough for good ground clearance & can be left attached year-round without interfering with any of the normal uses of the ATV.

The winch cable extends up over the top of the Power Loader™ through an idler pulley and down to the front lifting frame to power lift the load.

Providing hay for the cattle rancherThe Power Loader™ with a combination of cleverly positioned folding and telescopic components accomplishes two important functions:
  1. It extends the loading "basket" to ground level to make loading possible without any lifting.
  2. It retracts as it is loading in order to reduce the leverage factor to a function level. It turns your ATV into a working, outdoor forklift. Pick up and carry your deer, a wheelbarrow full of dirt, a load of firewood, and even stack bales of hay in the back of your pickup. You can pick up and carry your deer stand, camping equipment and sacks of feed when working on the farm or ranch.
  3. Whether you are linebacker for the NFL or someone with an ailment, which keeps you from lifting, you’ll want the Power Loader™ to do the heavy lifting for you.

Moving firewood around the farm
The Power Loader™ has the capacity to lift and move most cargo around the farm and ranch, not only for the Deer Hunter, but also for moving and loading hay, firewood, feed sacks, salt blocks, and heavy tools and supplies.  With the Power Loader™ you still have plenty of room for equipment in the cargo basket behind the driver.

Special brackets and mounting kits:
  1. Model DF PL4P  Mounting bracket for Polaris ATVs or other brands with composite front racks.
  2. Model DF PLUT  Mounting bracket for utility vehicles - fits Kawasaki Mule, etc.

All Terrain Vehicle Winch

The Power Loader™ DF  PL250

Economy Priced $343.00

All Terrain Vehicle Super Winch
Need a Warn Winch™ to complete your package?  Priced at $415.00

Need a SuperWinch™ to complete your package?  Priced at $359.77

More Warn Winches here.
Power Loader™ SuperWinch™

DF PL4P Bracket  $34.95
Polaris Bracket

DF PLUT Bracket  $39.95

Kawasaki Bracket
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