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GrassBurr C-Burr Handgun Holster

Handgun Safety Storage and Easy Access for Your ATV

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Handgun Responsibility

Pick up just about any owner’s manual from a given gun manufacturer and you will find a statement that says something to the effect, “when you chose to carry a firearm, you have a full time job knowing where that weapon is and who else has access to the firearm.”

The C-Burr hand gun solution keeps your side arm handy and safely stored.

Handgun Solutions

By definition, Grassburr really supplies mounted handgun solutions. With a mounting bracket (Top mount or Side mount) physically installed in different locations where you frequently keep your side arm, you can simply unscrew the 1/4-inch bolt and take the gun and holster from your closet shelf to your vehicle, to your boat, to your hunting Jeep and back to your closet shelf when you get back home.  With mounting brackets installed in these locations your handgun is always secure.

Three C-Burr Models

The C-Burr handgun solution is made in three model sizes, small frame, medium frame, and large frame.  These three models will accommodate the more popular handguns in use today.


The perfect companion to the C-Burr Holster is the Concealment Bag for states where your hand gun must be completely concealed.

ATV Gun Safety

The GrassBurr C-Burr holster is an easy and safe handgun system to install.  Three possible mounting kits are available, the Top Mount, The Side Mount, and a 1-inch square bar mount for ATV installation.

The Top and Side mount holsters come in two parts, part one is the holster with receiving mount, and part two is the bracket to install on a solid surface.  One 1/4-inch bolt secures  the holster to the mounting system.
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Handgun Safety

Driving with a gun belt on is a known uncomfortable situation.

One bad habit that many people have is to pull the gun out and lay it in the seat beside them.  This creates an unsafe situation with the gun moving around the seat.  It could fall on the floor, get lost under coats, hats, binoculars or any other hunting equipment items one normally keeps beside himself when out in the field.
C-Burr Holster Models
Small Frame
Medium Frame
Large Frame
Baretta Jetfire, Minx,
Baretta Tomcat
Bersa Thunder .380 cal
Browning BDA .380 cal
Colt Detective Special
H & K P7M8, P7M13,
H & K USP Compact
Kahr CW9, K9,
Kahr P9, MK9,
Kahr PM9, K40,
Kahr P40, MK40
Keltec P11, P40, P32,
Keltec P3AT
Kimber Compact,
Kimber Pro Carry,
Kimber Ultra CDP,
Kimber Ultra Carry
Para Ordnance Wart Hog
Ruger SP-101
S & W J 36,
S & W J 37, 60, 317,
S & W J 331, 337,
S & W J 360, 38,
S & W J 40, 42, 49,
S & W J 638, 649,
S & W J 332, 340,
S & W J 342, 442,
S & W J 640, 641-1, 642
Taurus 17, 605, 617
Walther PPK Series
Baretta 92F, 92FS,
Baretta Couger 8000
Glock 17, 19, 20, 21,
Glock 22, 23, 26, 27,
Glock 29, 30, 33, 34,
Glock 35, 36
Browning P35 HP 5"
Colt Python, Lawman,
Colt Trooper.
Colt 1911 Gov't Model
Colt Commander,
Colt Officer ACP
H & K USP 9mm 4.25",
H & K USP .45 cal,
H & K P2000, P2000SK
Israel Arms Baby Eagle
Kimber Custom II,
Kimber Custom CDP 5",
Kimber 1911 Series
Para Ordnance P10, P12,
Para Ordnance P13, P14
Ruger GP 100, KP 345,
Ruger P 85, P 89, P 90,
Ruger P 91, P 93, P 94,
Ruger P 95, Vaquero
Ruger Blackhawk,
Ruger Redhawk
Sig Sauer P230, P232,
Sig P220, 225, 226,228,
Sig P229
S & W K 10,12,
S & W K 15, 64, 13, 19,
S & W K 64, 65, 66, 547
S & W L 386, 581, 586,
S & W L 681, 686
S & W N 24, 624, 627,
S & W N 629
Springfield XD Series
Springfield 1911 Series
Springfield Tracker Revolver
Walther P99
Israel Arms Desert Eagle
Ruger Blackhawk 7.5"
Ruger Redhawk 7.5"
S & W Long Barrel 629
S & W X 500 Series
Taurus Raging Bull Series

All Terrain Vehicle Mount and Holster

C-Burr ATV Mount

All Terrain Vehicle Mount
ATV Gun Rack
Close-Up of Grass Burr Top Mount

Close-up top mount

Closeup C Burr Side Mount

Close-up side mount

C-Burr handgun solution and optional parts layout.
C-Burr Concealment Case to legally conceal your weapon from sight.
ATV Mount $14.95
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*ATV Mount does not include handlebar gun rack.  See Accessories.
Additional install mounts for C-Burr Holsters.
C-Burr Holsters
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Top Mount :
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Concealment Case
Top Mount :
Side Mount :
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