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The "Beaver Blade®" for Brush Cutters

Brush Cutters with a Chain Saw Blade

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The Beaver Blade®
Used with your gasoline powered brushcutter, the Beaver Blade® lets you cut faster, easier, and cleaner than fixed tooth blades.

Beaver Blades
® are equipped with a smooth cutting chain that produces a clean cut, wide kerf eliminating binding.  And in the field the chain is easy to sharpen or replace.

Chain Saw Blade for Brush CuttersBeaver Blades® won't shatter or throw objects like other blades, and can eliminate 90% of kickback.

Each Beaver blade® is laminated by spot welding to prevent harmonic fracturing and tested at a 133% of recommended operating speed to ensure quality and durability.

Built for work, each Beaver Blade® is engineered from twin disks of 301 stainless steel... the same material the US Navy uses in the landing gear if its F-14 Tomcats.
The Competition Just Doesn't
Make The Cut
Developed by Saw Tech Industries, Inc. of Oklahoma City, the Beaver Blade® offers improved cutting action for brush cutters and weed trimmers. Made from two discs of 301-grade stainless steel and laminated by spot welding to prevent harmonic fracturing, the Beaver Blade® boasts a unique clutch action designed to dramatically reduce kickback. The Beaver Blade®: It cuts big chores down to size.
The Beaver Blade at work. Up close with the Beaver Blade.
Adaptability Plus: The arbor hole of each Beaver Blade® is designed to fit brushcutters with either a 1 inch or 20 mm arbors.  It can even make low end brushcutters outperform professional grade units with a fixed blade.
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Chain Engine Part List
20-25cc STBTP-07 $25.95
26-30cc STBTP-08 $27.95
31-40cc STBTP-09
Chain Puller


Beaver Blade Adapters.

Beaver Blade Adapters allow you to install the above cutting blades on many Brush Cutters and String Trimmers
that match the above engine and blade sizes to the arbor spindel of your machine.

From the selection lists below select the correct arbor spindel size, thread, and direction of thread.

Consult your owners manual for the arbor size and thread type.

Beaver Blade Adapter Kit

Install the adapter into the Beaver Blade
Press the adapter into the Beaver Blade and make flush with the blade.

Install Beaver Blade with Adapter Kit
Install thre Beaver Blade with Adapter onto your machine using the flat washer, cone washer
and attachment nut.

All Adapter Kits are $5.95 each.  The difference between each kit is the attachment nut, select
the kit below that matches your machine.

American RH American LH Metric RH Metric LH
RH 7/16 Adapter

AS RH 1/2 Adapter

AS RH 3/8 Adapter

AS RH 5/8 Adapter

AS RH 11/16 Adapter
LH 7/16 Adapter

AS LH 1/2 Adapter

AS LH 3/8 Adapter

AS LH 5/8 Adapter

AS LH 11/16 Adapter
Metric 10mm x 1.25 Adapter

Metric 11mm x 1.25 Adapter

Metric 12mm x 1.5 Adapter

Metric 14mm x 1.5 Adapter
Metric 10mm x 1.25 Adapter

Metric 11mm x 1.25 Adapter

Metric 12mm x 1.5 Adapter

Metric 14mm x 1.5 Adapter

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